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Carbon Dioxide Corrosion in the oilfield

Using partial pressure of carbon dioxide as as a measurement to predict corrosion, the following relationship has been found for vertical pipe & tubing.

Partial Pressure Carbon Dioxide can be determined by the following formula:

Partial pressure - total pressure x percent carbon dioxide/100

For example, a well with bottomhole pressure of 3000 psi and a gas containing 2% carbon dioxide (CO2):

Partial pressure = 3000 x 0.02 = 60 psi at the bottom of the well.

1. A partial pressure below 7 psi is considered non-corrosive.

2. A partial pressure between 7 and 30 psi may indicate corrosion.

3. A partial pressure above 30 psi usually indicates corrosion.


  • For horizontal line where pockets of water collect, corrosion can occur at partial pressure less than 7 psi.

  • Brine water usually produced by sweet oil contains dissolved minerals and the precede relationship does not always apply.

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