Corrosion Inhibitor Treatment Program


Guidelines in building corrosion treatment program in oilfield production chemical.

  • Sweet Gas Corrosion

  • CO2 & Low H2S

  • CO2 & High Level of H2S

Sweet Gas Corrosion

Sweet gas corrosion is high general corrosion and these chemicals are mostly water soluble.

  1. Imidazoline

  2. Quats

  3. Ethoxylated amines

  4. Phosphate esters

CO2 & Low H2S

These are very common corrosion and the corrosion is mostly general pits.

  1. Imidazoline

  2. Quats

  3. Sulfiding agents

  4. Alkyl pyridine quats

  5. Ethoxylated amines

  6. Phosphate esters

CO2 & High H2S

Here, the general corrosion rates are low and the pitting corrosion rates are high.

  1. Imidazoline

  2. Quats

  3. Organic amines

  4. Alkyl pyridine quats

  5. Sulfiding agents

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